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Organic Collection of Expressions and Reflections on Human Concerns including Triple L issues, That is, Living, Loving, Learning based on Modified Critical Pedagogy (MCP)

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We don't teach you what to learn about English,i.e, format and grammar, We don't even teach you how to learn English, We teach you how to think in English and Creat your own version of that language

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دوره‌ی آنلاین Free Expression

دوره‌ی آنلاین Free Expression آقای دکتر سعیدی با رویکرد Modified Critical Pedagogy(MCP)

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دوره‌ی آنلاین IELTS

دوره‌ی آنلاین IELTS آقای دکتر سعیدی با رویکرد Modified Critical Pedagogy(MCP)

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Hi there everybody.

Just wanna welcome you all here. Wish we all learn to live our life and not just carry the burden of it.

The most important goal in life is the life itself transformed to its active and organic version, that is, living through human movement. Since this organic transformation of life, living, is the irreplaceable ground for the birth of all human faculties, one needs to perpetually monitor themselves if they are living or else Losing!

Now the undying, organically challenging and disturbing question remains to be dealt with,” Am I truly living or am I just alive?” Being brave enough to just face this question itself is the first step. So let’s face it no matter how painful it may be!

Living, the fertile ground for human organic specifications like love, devotion and sacrifice has sadly fallen into oblivion as benefits rather than values have taken over! Living is the only ground for the birth and growth of human values like those mentioned above but one needs to be fully awake to experience it. However, to achieve or accomplish any sort of benefit one can spare oneself of the pain of the awakening and living instead can get those seemingly justified benefits all while the eyes are wide shut! Wondering how one can tolerate this alienation from the breathtakingly beautiful Self, The self, which is activated by living and which gives birth to love and devotion?!

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